How Far to the Right?

I just came upon this site and was blown away by the hate, the racism, the utter belief that democracy is an evil institution, that the only good government is one that is a theocratic government that has no constitution but only the bible for its foundational document.  It is your worst nightmare.  Is this where we are going with Harper?



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On Good Government

Well, it would be nice if I could point to the four years of Harper minority government as a time of good government, but sadly, that isn’t possible.  To tell the truth, at the beginning there was a moment of hope that something good was going to happen, that somehow, this new version of the Conservative party was going to allow us to finally have good government as the promises for transparency and good government were framed in response to an ongoing series of Liberal government scandals which were following up on the Conservative government scandals under Mulroney.

Rather than follow up on promises, Harper has turned promises on their head with a vengeance.  No transparency, in fact, even less transparency than ever.  Even their own appointed committees have had to struggle with a lack of access to information.  And when these committees become threatening to the Harper agenda, the rug is pulled out from the committee.  With the Afghan issues being examined by committee, the latest act of prorogation doesn’t end the committee.  Rather, it is on hold.  It will be interesting to see how this will unfold later in March.

Lying has become the standard in government.  That being said, getting caught lying still had its costs for the individual and for that person’s party.  But not so anymore.  Prentice is caught lying, Baird is caught lying, MacKay is caught lying and the result is denial that is effective because the electorate doesn’t want to have to deal with their party of hope betraying them.  Somehow, underneath all this, the electorate is hoping that given a majority government, Harper will step up to the plate not having to worry about the big, bad opposition getting in the way of giving Canadians just what they deserve – good Harper government.

Who said it had to be a democratic Canadian government?

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Harper’s Country or Our Country?

Paul Wells has an interesting article that looks at Harper and his objectives.  Just to add to this, Chris Selly says that he agrees with this.  I found this quote particularly worth commenting on:

The gap between what his government did and what a Liberal government would do is Harper’s game. It is a game of inches, and often it is so full of contradictions and retreats that it is impossible to take the right measure of its effect. It relies on time. Every year he is in power, he puts a little more distance between the real Canada and the one the Liberals wanted. Every year he can do that, and stay popular enough to keep going, is a year he shifts public opinion, just a few degrees, toward his way of thinking and away from his opponents. And 2010 will be the fifth year in a row Harper has managed to keep pursuing that game of inches.

So, the “real Canada” according to Paul Wells is one that is defined by Harper and his supporters?  What about the more than 60% of other Canadians?  Do we not have any say on what Canada is about?

I get the feeling that Harper would willingly take citizenship away from those who disagree with anything he holds as his truths.


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Getting Help From a Canadian Consulate in China

Here is a report (first hand) from a friend of mine who is still in China.  I wonder who gave our consulates the marching orders to ignore Canadians in distress in foreign countries?

Yesterday I got out of a taxi and went to cross the road just up the street from my office, when a gold Honda come flying around the corner and hit me. The car did not hit me severely, just enough for me to feel it and make enough noise for the driver to stop his car and get out. When the driver approached me to, to my surprise he started to accuse me of hitting his car. I was confused and said in Chinese “I do not understand you” he continued to yell at me and then slapped me very hard across the face. My sunglasses flew off and broke when they hit the ground. I then took down his license plate number and went to leave. But of course because he was afraid that I would report him he grabbed me by the arm and would not allow me to go. By this time a huge crowd of Chinese people had gathered around me and helped him to keep me there. So I had no choice but to call my colleague Jacy Lee to rush down from our office to help me. After I called her I called the Canadian Consulate to tell them what had happened and what should I do. They said they would call me back. By the time Jacy arrived the crowd grew even bigger and the driver had called several of his friends to the scene to help bully us around. Jacy and I had no choice but to phone the police. The police arrived within 30 minutes and asked us what had happened. Of course both sides had different stories so the police ordered us to get into the car (me, Jacy and the drivers girlfriend) and drove us to the police station. The driver of course followed in his own car with his friend. Once we arrived at the police station all the officers there gave us very dirty looks and when the driver of the car arrived with his friend they welcomed him and were very chummy, chummy with him. We (Jacy & I) asked the police, “What are we doing here, what is going to happen? What are we waiting for?” They did not reply. Shortly after another police officer arrived with a small black kit and asked us all to go out to the car to examine the car to determine if the car really hit me or not. I had told them the hit from the car was not sever therefore there would be no damages. I had also told them I don’t want problems, I don’t want compensation; I would just like him to apologize for slapping me in the face. I even said to them I don’t even care that the care hit me, I knew it was an accident, but slapping me across the face is unacceptable. During the examination of the car, the driver had pointed out a smudged dust mark on the hood of the truck and accused me of hitting his car. I told him that is ridiculous. You can see clearly I have two bags in my hand that would not allow me to make such a mark on your car. Once we finished examining the car we all went back inside, and the officer asked me is there anyway you can drop this matter and continue on with your day. I said “you brought us here to the station, I don’t know what you want, all I want is for him to say sorry” but the guy refused and I said “no problem” and we went to leave. But of course they didn’t let us leave. They ordered my colleague to go to the office to fetch my passport, and other documents for proof of identification. When she walked out, the officer’s, the driver and the driver’s friend followed her outside and started their harassment. They asked her “What is your certificate number? What documents do you have to support that you are a translator? Why are you such a stupid Chinese to help a foreigner?” We know your name, we know where you live and we are going to kill you, your family and your stupid foreigner friend!” When Jacy arrived at the office she phoned me crying hysterically saying “please can you phone your consulate people again to come help, I don’t want to go back to the station, I am afraid for my life” So naturally I called the Canadian Consulate and told them “I am now at the police station, they are holding me against my will, made my colleague go fetch my passport for proof of identification and the police and driver have threatened to kill my colleague”, and asked what should I do? The man from the consulate said please wait I will ask my colleague to phone you. Within 15 minutes a lady called me from the consulate and tried to give me advise, but it didn’t matter the police did not care about my rights as a Canadian Citizen so I asked her nicely to send someone to help me. Her reply was “we are too busy to send someone down”. I told her that “my colleague has left me here alone and she is too afraid to come back so I have no one to translate for me and that I was scared, could you at least send someone to translate?” She said “I have a phone number for a translation center that I can give you and you can call yourself and see if they had someone available”. Naturally the next thing I did was phone Eden and told him what was going on. He immediately got into a taxi and made his way over to the station. Shortly after Eden arrived, my colleague Jacy Lee returned. I was so happy and so surprised to see her. When she arrived the police immediately took my passport and refused to give it back. Jacy, the police and the driver and his friend started arguing and then Jacy started crying. I asked her why are you crying and she said they want to kill us, they are going to kill us. I tried again to call the consulate and asked them to come, but they refused and so I called my lawyer friend in Shenzhen to ask for advice. He said just get out of there, but of course that was not an option. Every time we tried to leave they (police, driver and driver’s friend) blocked the door so we couldn’t. The driver said to the police “let me beat this foreigner boy, I will be more then happy to walk into the jail cell and spend 15 days in jail if you just let me beat the foreigner boy” all the police men, the driver and his friend stated laughing. Next they asked us to go upstairs and write a statement. I said “is this necessary, my lawyer told me I can just leave. I don’t want any problems”. They insisted and made us follow them but leaving Eden behind. While upstairs, they continued to harass Jacy and I. Saying they have taken our picture, copied our ID, found our address and will send someone to kill us all. Of course my colleague was so terrified for her 2 year old daughter, her husband and her parents who live with her that she again started crying hysterically. Again, I called the consulate to ask them what to do and can they please come down and help us. They again told me they were too busy and that I should write the statement and collect the receipt for it. Once the statement was finished, the officer had left my passport on the table so I took the opportunity to take it back. I asked the police, where is my receipt, they said “oh, but we thought this was a traffic case so we sent the file to the traffic police, we have no receipt for you” so they gave me some kind of receipt written on some kind of paper, I highly doubt it means anything. So next we go downstairs and are reunited with Eden. I told Jacy and Eden lets just go we have done all we can. As we were walking out the driver and his friend pushed me and of course Eden was there to stop more then that from happening. The driver started screaming and yelling and all the police officers came out and brought me, Jacy and Eden back inside. Saying we were not allowed to go until we settle this matter, saying we have wasted their time and the time of the driver and his friends. I told them they have no right to keep us here and we have a right to leave, we did not ask to come to the station. They said we don’t have any rights we are in China and they can do what they want to us. So they took Jacy into the back room where she disappeared for a good 30 minutes. I tried phoning her to see where she was and if she was ok, but no answer. While we were seated outside all I could hear was her crying and crying so finally Eden and I went around to look for her only to find her up against a wall crying hysterically again. I asked her what is wrong, what have they done to you. She didn’t reply only saying that she was so scared. Again I called the consulate to come help us and he said “if every time a Canadian is at a police station and we go running to help, then who will stay and work in the office” I begged him and cried on the phone to him “please you must come help us, they are keeping us against our will and have taken my passport and have threaded to kill us, what more do you need to happen to us before you will come?” He said “I m too busy, let me get the other lady to call you again” A few minutes later the lady from the consulate calls and asks what’s going on now? I told her “we are really scared they had separated us into different rooms and verbally threaten us and will not let us leave her alive” Again I begged her to come help us and her reply was “oh, I am really sorry, tonight is my anniversary dinner I am on my way to the restaurant, is there anyway you can settle this alone?” After that I knew we were at the mercy of the police and the driver. Jacy and I begged the police to just let us go, we don’t want any problems. The police finally said ok, if you want to go, you must sign this paper to say you are a liar and that you will never bring this case to court, if you do we will kill you and your family. We had no choice but to sign and leave. As we left, the police and the driver and his friend made it very clear they have our information and could kill us anytime they want so don’t ever try to bring this case to court or talk to anyone about it.

After being hit by a car, physically assaulted, held against our will, ID withheld and our lives being threatened and bullied around for 8 hours, Eden and I have decided to leave China after his school is done. I am so disappointed my Canadian Consulate and their lack of help. What more needs to be happen before they would’ve come down to help us. I am going to take this case directly to Canadian Government and I want something done to help our people in need here. I mean who the hell are we to turn when we are in trouble if we can not turn to our own government! Who is going to help us if not our own government? What the hell are they getting paid to do here? Things could’ve gotten a lot worse last night. What if we were severally beaten or even killed last night, would our government even care??

Be safe and thank you for listening. Share this story with all of your friends. We need to raise awareness of the lack of help we have here, and that fact that we as foreigners have no rights and no one to turn to when in trouble.

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Harper via Prentice on Transparency

From the Toronto Star:

“I don’t think it’s a question of a phasing-in of those arrangements,” he said earlier Thursday. “Rather, it’s a question of an agreement that has to apply to all major emitters, and has to have transparency as a fundamental principle of it.

“Transparency isn’t something that can be phased in. And so we are interested in measurement arrangements, reporting arrangements, verification arrangements that withstand scrutiny from the outset.”

Yepp, the CPofC – oops, or should I say the “Harper government” as distinguished from the Canadian Government (a distinction that we should let all the world know exists) is talking big about transparency, using it as a hammer against the bad countries of the world who need to follow the righteous example of the Harper government.  So why didn’t Harper speak for himself?

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Now What? Harper Has Crossed the Line

It’s an act of Parliamentary sabotage.  That Harper and his party are willingly refusing to follow the will of Parliament removes the right of Harper et al to act as the official act of government in the eyes of Canadians who thought they elected representatives to a Canadian Parliamentary form of government.  There should be an immediate vote of non-confidence by the combined opposition who would have no choice but to support the notion.  Failure to support the vote of non-confidence on this issue would then be a declaration that Harper and Company are doing the right thing disobeying the will of Parliament.

Assuming that the vote would pass, the Governor General should ask the Official Opposition to attempt to operate a minority government rather than force an election at this time.  It would then be incumbent on all current opposition members to work together, not as a coalition government, but simply as Members of Parliament intent on making government work for Canadians.  Doing this would send the electorate a message about the governing Conservatives that would result in the Conservatives failing badly in the next election. 

At that time, the present opposition could work to propose Parliamentary safeguards to protect Canadians as well as the power of the official opposition, something that is vital for good government.

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Gerald Keddy – No Good Bastards

Some things simply amaze me.  Take for example the story in the National Post in which Keddy is busy apologizing for his calling unemployed “no good bastards.”  Now that is over the top.  I wonder what it will take to have the general Canadian public decide that Canada deserves better than what the Tories have to offer.  Our international reputation, perhaps our identity as Canadians, has been tarnished significantly.  All could be set back to rights as long as we replace these “no good bastards” that call themselves Tories.  Saying that, I wont paint all MPs of the CPC as “no good bastards,” as not all are there with the intention of setting up a Harper Monarchy working towards the destruction of democracy in Canada in hopes of replacing it with a theocracy of the “born again angry christians.”

In reading the original article in the Chronicle Herald, and the comments that followed, I was appalled at how many actually think that Keddy was right in calling the unemployed “no good bastards.”  This is definitely not painting a picture of Canada as a place of compassion and consideration.  It does paint us as a place of black and white thinking where only “conservatives and born again fundamentalist and angry christians” are white while everyone else is black in service of Satan.  Pathetic.


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