Defending Parliament: Preparing For Democracy Day, January 23

With permission, here is an important set of links outlining the abuses of Parliament and democracy by the leader of the C.P. of C., otherwise known as the Harper Government.  These are vital links containing information that needs to be continually brought forward until the Canadian voting public understands what is actually at stake when the next vote occurs.  It is IMPORTANT that the opposition parties begin to work together for the express purpose of reclaiming Parliament for the will of Canadians  Why should 32% of the last vote allow anyone to rule as though he was God’s chosen (think of Louis XIV and France)?  Why should 68% of Canadians not be respected and well represented?  The opposition must take a solid look in the mirror and find the courage to do something meaningful, not partisan for the people who voted for them.

Now, for the document which is found here on Facebook, at the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament group which now has a membership of 195, 172 :


How Harper controls the spin
Zeal to manage message sees journalists shunned, bureaucrats, cabinet ministers routinely muzzled. Public appearances by cabinet ministers – whether it’s a speech or an interview – are carefully staged, starting with a “message event proposal” vetted by the Privy Council Office, the bureaucratic wing of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

PM slaps muzzle on military brass

Hillier, Sr.Officials Muzzled by PMO,42247.0.html

Mum’s the word: Harper tells MPs to keep mouths shut

Tories tighten muzzle on PS [Public Service] for campaign

Former chief justice of Canada accuses PM of trying to “muzzle” the judiciary

‘Muzzle’ Placed On Federal Scientists

Tories muzzle environmental scientist

Minister stops book talk by Environment Canada scientist

Mum’s the word till message vetted
No federal cabinet minister speaks to a journalist, gives a speech or makes a policy announcement until a “message event proposal” has been vetted by a wing of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Harper lawsuit smacks of authoritarian state: prof

Holland shocked by Conservative comments on media

Harper government whips Tories into line with secret handbook

Information Commissioner Robert Marleau told The Hill Times recently that the Harper government has been quietly drafting about 25 government policies that impact on the rights of officers of Parliament, and that it has been happening without their knowledge or input.

Conservative headquarters scripting calls to radio shows

Feds keep lid on Atomic Energy Canada sale report

Huge loss expected in any AECL sale, MPs concede

Is he sitting on it?
Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan still has not tabled the 2008 report from the Commissioner of Firearms. Knowing the report will likely be favourable to the existing gun registry, many have questioned whether Van Loan is suppressing the report until after tonight’s vote on scrapping the long gun registry.

Canada slips in ‘press freedom’ rankings–canada-slips-in-press-freedom-rankings

Torture probe delayed; Tories deny gagging witness

Lawyers seek to gag witnesses in Afghan prisoner inquiry

Has Canada entered a ‘Bush-like vortex’?
Richard Colvin’s torture allegations suggest civil servants aren’t writing down what the government doesn’t want recorded

PMO issued instructions on denying abuse in ’07
Former NATO official says response to reports was ‘scripted’ in Ottawa–pmo-issued-instructions-on-denying-abuse-in-07

Tories attack credibility of diplomat who blew whistle on torture

Attack on senior diplomat signals demise of independent public service: experts
“If we don’t have a public service that speaks truth to power we might as well have everything run out of the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Diplomats told to keep quiet on torture allegations, sources say

Former ambassadors condemn Ottawa’s attack on diplomat
Response to Colvin’s detainee testimony discourages honest reports, letter says

Public service in crisis over Colvin
The Harper government’s attack on a senior diplomat could be the final blow in the unravelling of Canada’s once-sacred tradition of an independent, non-partisan public service, warn experts

Afghan detainee watchdog warns of Tory ‘chilling effect’
Departing military commission chief’s [BECAUSE HE WAS REFUSED REAPPOINTMENT BY THE TORIES] comments come as Harper government digs in its heels in face of parliamentary order to turn over confidential files

Detainee watchdog post remains unfilled
Military police commission set to meet in March, but Ottawa’s delays in appointing new chairman could prompt delay

Feds refuse legal funding to whistleblower diplomat

Post #2
Defend Parliament wroteon January 13, 2010 at 10:35pm

Ottawa’s stance on whistleblower’s legal costs called ‘unethical’–ottawa-s-stance-on-whistleblower-s-legal-costs-called-unethical

Feds tried to order nuclear regulator to bend rules

Ottawa fires nuclear safety commission head [nuclear regulator]

Ousted regulator just doing her job

Tories drop RCMP complaints commissioner
Paul Kennedy sparred with government over office’s powers, budget–tories-drop-rcmp-complaints-commissioner

Clement slams CMA doctors for supporting drug-injection site

Scientific data backs Insite

Budget officer [Kevin Page] questions projected federal surplus

If the object of the exercise was “truth in budgeting”, that’s what Kevin’s office provided. But that realism, whether in regard to rosy but flawed government fiscal forecasts or the true cost of the war in Afghanistan, has been a bit too much truth for this government. Mr. [Kevin] Page’s office has had its budget cut by one million dollars.

Conservatives stop funding for learning organization

Ottawa is cutting off public input into climate-change policy

Tory candidate dumped for frank TV comments: Mused riding wouldn’t get infrastructure cash because it’s Liberal-held

Tory candidates avoiding debates [Election Campaign, 2008]
Campaign official says ‘there’s no policy’ forbidding participation in certain all-candidates’ meetings

Gov’t program wants job applicants’ views on Tory budget

Insults, discourtesy and disrespect mark Harper team’s behaviour: Targets have included AIDS activists, Nobel Prize winners and Road to Avonlea star

Watchdog blasts Tories for secrecy obsession: Information chief challenges Ottawa to ease ‘stranglehold’

Watchdog alarmed by Harper’s information clampdown
Canada’s information watchdog says the public knows less than ever about what its government is doing – a stark contrast to Barack Obama’s push for openness in the United States.

Government secrecy ‘grim,’ watchdog says

Ottawa nixes bid to expand transparency

Watchdog slams lack of transparency in stimulus spending

Can’t say if federal stimulus is working: watchdog

Tory stimulus boast tough to verify

Tories blasted for secrecy on stimulus cash–tories-blasted-for-secrecy-on-stimulus-cash

Stimulus spending watchdogs stymied by lack of data

Tories not so open now–tories-not-so-open-now

Ottawa seeks secrecy in Tamil migrant case

Siddiqui: Harper acting like an elected dictator

Gomery slams Harper for ignoring him
The man who investigated the sponsorship scandal says Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems to have abandoned any commitment he once had to transparent government in favour of a top-down style that centralizes power in his own hands.

Gomery slams increasing power of PM’s office

Failure to decentralize PMO power poses danger to democracy: Gomery

Ottawa moves to block detainee-transfer hearings [2008]

Redactions hamper Afghan detainee probe [2009]
Unreadable documents make meaningful inquiry ‘almost impossible’ and reflect government efforts to keep record a secret

Ottawa won’t release Afghan documents
Harper government says it will not comply with Opposition motion passed by Parliament, setting stage for legal battle–ottawa-won-t-release-afghan-documents

Tories to ignore vote on releasing prisoner reports

Parliament in showdown with Harper government over Afghan documents

Tories refuse to release uncensored documents on Afghan detainees

Tories force shutdown of hearing on torture [2009]
Opposition blasts boycott as whistleblower readies rebuttal to Ottawa today


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